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Patients who were working either pre- or post-transplant were more likely to hold jobs that were less physically demanding.

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Edit the abstract. Use active, concise language. Improving clinical practice: should we give influenza vaccinations to heart transplant patients?

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Who returns to work after heart transplantation? There were no significant differences in the total number of rejection episodes 0.

Provide concrete details and define terms.

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Three centers did not vaccinate Tx pts due to a purported association with increased allograft rejection. While nursing is a large field, there are sub-fields that have specific terms that others do not know, which is called jargon, aim to phrase the abstract in an intelligent, well-informed way that does not confuse the readers.

Van Bakel, A. The purpose of this study was to examine the common clinical practices and outcome characteristics in Tx pts in a multi-institutional database. This information provides clinicians with data to improve clinical practice.

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How to Write a Nursing Abstract