An analysis of the individuality within a puritan society in the novel the scarlet letter by nathani

Since he had kept a diary revealing his sin and suffering for all these years, he experienced a sense of deep relief by confessing his sinful act in front of the people. April Issue Library of Congress Between Hawthorne's earlier and his later productions there is no solution of literary continuity, but only increased growth and grasp. But the purpose of the author is more profound and radical than could be fulfilled by this obvious and superficial way of dealing with the situation. His ego acts as a censor for him, reminding him of the dangers of the outside world. Both characters, Proctor and Dimmesdale, respectively, gained something more important than their life and reputation. Throughout the first decades of the 17th century, the Netherlands was the most popular refuge, attracting as many immigrants as New England in the s. He stands on the scaffold where Hester Prynne stood as a consequence of her sin. Hesters act of adultery was welcomed with rage and was qualified for serious punishment. It goes to the root of the matter, and reaches some unconventional conclusions, which, however, would scarce be apprehended by one reader in twenty. This is the second time in the novel when Dimmesdale acts according to his emotions and feelings rather than accepted moral norms.

No sinner so eccentric but may find here the statement of his personal problem. The characters deal with the sin of adultery.

puritanism in the scarlet letter

Hence, biblical wilderness also serves as a place where believers can testify their faith in God and adherence to His words and commandments. In the Scarlet Letter and The Crucible there are many examples to show how they misrepresent the Puritan times.

Why Dimmesdale feels relieved and peaceful is only because he leaves this world with a clean soul, and by confessing his sin to the public, he purifies his soul and finds peace when he reaches to the God.

individuality and conformity in the scarlet letter

Yet Pearl was, all the while, the most unrelentingly real fact of her mother's ruined life. Bringing these desires from unconscious to the conscious level is an applicable method to understand the main reasons of for these behaviors.

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She is an ambiguous character and she is presented as several symbols.

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Analysis of gender studies through Scarlet Letter Essay