Atmosphere and characteristics of jupiter essay

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Also, Jupiter has a year-old storm that would swallow up the Earth without even noticing it. The planet rotates very Jupiter rotates very quickly, turning on its axis once every 9 hours and 55 minutes. More information and facts about Jupiter What is even more provocative is the theory that Jupiter is a failed star. The Great Red Spot is roughly the same size as Earth. Crystals of frozen ammonia have also been observed in the outermost layer of the atmosphere. The Jovian system, on the other hand, has 67 known moons. There may also be a thin layer of water clouds underlying the ammonia layer.

The incredibly fast rotation that Jupiter has is what makes the bulge near its equator. This was created when several smaller, white oval-shaped storms merged to form a single feature—these three smaller white ovals were first observed in We have recorded a podcast just about Jupiter for Astronomy Cast.

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With no solid surface to slow them down, Jupiter's spots can persist for many years. A core may now be entirely absent, as gravitational measurements are not yet precise enough to rule that possibility out entirely.

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Jupiter has dozens more—and there may still be more to find. The color of the storm, which usually varies from brick red to slightly brown, may come from small amounts of sulfur and phosphorus in the ammonia crystals in Jupiter's clouds. Hubble Space Telescope August 23, Astronomers have discovered nearly planetary systems with multiple planets. In , an atmospheric feature formed in the southern hemisphere that is similar in appearance to the Great Red Spot, but smaller. In fact, the Moon is the only celestial body outside of Earth that humans have actually walked on. Click here and listen to Episode Jupiter. Convection within the interior of the planet transports more energy to the poles, balancing out the temperatures at the cloud layer. The outermost layer of the atmosphere contains crystals of frozen ammonia. Facts about Jupiter for Kids: If Jupiter had been 80 times more massive it would have become our second sun in the solar system. One astronomical unit abbreviated as AU , is the distance from the Sun to Earth. Juno is the only mission at Jupiter at the moment. Below the gassy upper layers, the pressure and temperature increase so much that atoms of hydrogen eventually compress into a liquid.

The storm has been shrinking and expanding throughout its history; but init was suggested that the Giant Red Spot might eventually disappear. Their names were drawn from the Iliad, Homer's epic about the Trojan War.

Atmosphere and characteristics of jupiter essay

These moons are much smaller and further away from Jupiter.

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Astronomy for Kids: The Planet Jupiter