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But how?

bec vantage speaking part 3

M: Let me see. You will probably hear all or most of the information shown in the pictures, graphs or sentences. The single most important thing you can do to improve your score in this test is to read as well as listen.

Bec vantage speaking part 3

For each recording, decide what the speaker is doing. M: Well, you certainly won over the press. Seventeen Please wait a moment. Now listen, and decide what the speaker is doing. If you prefer to focus on improving your score in a different part of the B2 Vantage exam then go to Reading, Writing , or Speaking. Introduction Length - Almost one minute. I dont suppose we could put it back a week or so, could we? And its a lot cheaper than the other site you were considering. I'll explain.

Ill have it ready by tomorrow, Mr. But we still have a few seats on the 23rd and 25th at pm. I need to talk to you about that contract were trying to get in Helsinki because the customer accepted our proposal and I need to know whether its all right if I just go ahead and sign the contracts or whether you want to get involved as well.

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I think Ill have to take the 25th.

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