Child influence on family purchasing behaviour

Manufacturers do realize the fact that generally small families tend to have higher disposable incomes which is why they aim to target and get children more involved towards the impact in the buying decision of the product and the service.

Various socialization agents in the environment such as parents, media, and peers act as learning media. A four-year-old, for example, may know what cars are but may lack knowledge and interest in the product per se.

childrens influence on purchase decisions

Never 3 Total Burns' study found that spouses who are highly involved in a decision derive satisfaction from their influence.

Roberts et al. We begin with a brief discussion of the types of influence focused upon in family decision making and consumer socialization studies.

child consumer psychology

Most of them are influenced by friends followed by media and parents. The reason for this is that he or she will likely become more actively involved in the family decision process.

Child influence on family purchasing behaviour

The literature has focused only on father—child or mother-child relationship. The following proposition is therefore proposed: P1: Children whose family communication pattern is characterized by a high concept-orientation will influence socialize their parents more than children whose family communication pattern is characterized by a high socio-orientation Family Structure When studying family decision making, it is important to recognize and take into account ongoing changes in family structure.

The disturbing effect which the children display over their parents is growing on daily basis with the progress in system of small family in which children continues to be the center of importance.

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