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Do OTAs offer a better value to the customers and themselves? That is done with the help of enthusiastic and experienced staff, perfect networking, and effective management and marketing.

Travel agencies traditionally serve as a one stop shop providing all travel related services in a single outlet. Journal of Consumer Marketing, 20, The emergence of hybrid online distribution channels in travel, tourism and hospitality [Electronic version].

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Considering that these two types of travel enterprises cohabitate in the internet but come from two different entrepreneurial backgrounds it would be of interest to see how they fair in terms of actual service provided. Journal of Travel Research, 42 , pp. The online landscape is highly competitive with online travel agencies OTA , supplier websites, tour operators, consolidators, meta search and corporate. OTAs require sophisticated econometric models to determine the effectiveness of marketing spend by line of business air, hotel, car, package, cruise and rail bookings and so on. Apparently the core of the business remains the same even if the means have evolved. However, an untapped data source is customer queries as they interact with a supplier website or an OTA. This means that any interaction in the virtual market is governed by the same tourism marketing rules as those in the physical markets. Key decision support initiatives to ensure relevancy, enhance customer loyalty and improve site profitability are also reviewed.

A simple way to assess the actual service provided could be through the volume and nature of customer complaints and the way these are handled from an OTA and a traditional travel agent or tour operator with internet presence.

Virtually all media coverage has publically come out in support of transparency for consumer shopping for air travel. Cheung, R. As price may be the main driver in purchasing online travel, diversity is important for consumers to understand the fare differences between itineraries in making a decision.

Data aggregation can make online vacation planning a reality. For this reason, we are struggling to provide the true information and make it available to the appropriate circle of the customers. Screen quality can be measured with a calibrated choice model that determines the probability that a displayed itinerary will be selected.

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Journal of Consumer Marketing, 20, That is done with the help of enthusiastic and experienced staff, perfect networking, and effective management and marketing. We will ensure that people who used our services accepted and appreciate them. They are responsible for a host of visitor information resources in- cluding websites, traveler information programs, visitor publications such as Arizona Highways Magazine and Texas Highways both award-winning DOT efforts , and involve- ment with visitor information centers. Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism 2 : Moreover, we are going to provide all information that is possible to be clear for our clients. However, from a customer perspective, planning a holiday can be complex and challenging. Travel policy compliance and the growth of online managed business travel The recent economic downturn forced corporations to reevaluate their travel policies and maintain a high adoption level for online travel bookings to enforce compliance with corporate travel policies. How to cite this page Choose cite format:. Pearce, D.
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