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Will is a senior lecturer in his 40s in computer science at a well-known city university in England. When a team you love loses at that point in the season, it's going to sting.

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Sometimes she can become too focused, spending far too long marking individual essays, or rooted like a statue in her chair. It's much a better quality of grading. They knocked out Manchester City and seemingly the team of destiny in Ajax to get to the Final.

The highs of Milwaukee's season were so incredibly high. I can write pages of comment.

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One year-old electronic engineering degree student told me: "We go to the library in a group of five to revise on modafinil. In that case, you can keep it, but move it down a few paragraphs. Sometimes the act of eating lunch just passes her by totally unnoticed.

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Maybe they had no business being there, I don't freaking know. I got it done in one go, and it was high-quality work—the lessons went really well. A review last year of the existing research found modafinil was safe to use in the short term.

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Kill it. Anders Sandberg is a research fellow at Oxford University specializing in futurism and philosophy. Or if nothing else, it shouldn't be. My eyes can just skim over the page, and I'll take it all in. They were there, and that's what mattered. When they lost Game 7 at home, even against a team that was more talented on paper, it hurt. The trade off, of course, is that the endings felt so darn bad.

I get to do that, and you don't get to make me feel dumb about it. Maybe it stings more than it should, I really have no idea anymore.

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