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Establishing a wholly-owned subsidiary requires substantial investment and involves high risks which a small company cannot afford Koch, The population of the region is having high exposure to global brands and are used to foreign product; this in turn facilitates global companies to establish their products in Saudi Arabia. This paper discusses and considers many alternatives and also reckons that the alterative are many and diverse. Carrefour contributes significantly in enhancing the local economy and protecting the local expertise, while offering customers with best quality products at reasonable prices Working for you, In a franchise agreement a franchisor provides a franchisee his own trademark or trade name and also provides support like financing, advertising and marketing and training which helps a franchisee to expand its business. According to Tielmann , exporting is a learning opportunity that businesses can utilize to understand the external markets while taking advantage of the opportunities presented to them by the market. To cater different needs of customers throughout the world, the company refines its product range with a variety of fresh produce directly from suppliers, essential non-food items, major brand products, day-to-day retail services as well as regional products. With acquisition, the organisation is able to limit its risk and maximise its access to the foreign market because of the already established brand name and customer-base of the acquired company, which provides it with accelerated access to, and a foothold in the foreign market. As discussed above, a franchisor provides all kinds of valuable support to the potential franchisee. Several research studies have been conducted with a view to identify the entry strategies that prove to be effective for firms, different paths are available to the firms to enter into emerging markets Limbersky, By challenging a competitor in their own market it may prevent that competitor from challenging a company in its own home market. There are a number of entry modes available to companies such as exporting through direct or indirect channels, licensing and franchising, foreign direct investment acquisitions and mergers, joint ventures, strategic alliances, etc. Norton, S. The various modes to enter foreign markets are vast.

Moreover, the government policies were also not favouring the European Giant. Uppsala Model considers two types of knowledge objective and experience based knowledge.

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In strategic alliances, firms pool their financial resources, expertise and capital resources and share benefits and beat risks, as well Root, Theme 3: Market potential, and government and regulatory authorities are main country specific factors influencing Carrefour's decision in entering into new markets Among all the listed factors, the majority of the participants said that market potential and government and regulatory authorities play a huge role in deciding whether to enter into some country or not. It gives clear cut idea regarding the technique that will be best suitable for attaining the aim and objectives of the matter. From the primary data it can be concluded that promotion of export efforts of government is important home country specific factor considered by Carrefour in selecting the mode of entry. Methods of entry can be categorized as functions of equity invested by MNEs upon market entry BarkemaiandiVermeulen,i People are affected by the outcome of the technology as in the goods and services it produces and by the working environment it generates. Dunning , views on internationalization were based on the opportunities available in the international market. An application of the theory of foreign direct investment to multinational banking in LDCs. However, being aware of the potential of a target market is prerequisite for making a decision regarding entry into foreign markets. These shortcomings include: decreased brand quality due to not having full control over franchises, not maximizing profit as franchisor only receives a royalty fee and not the full profit made, and the possibility of nurturing a future competitor. However, in case of large markets, economic growth rate of the market and living standard of the customers is also required to be considered.

Research Type: The present work is qualitative in nature since all the data collected for this purpose are qualitative Babbie, A better explanation of these firms behaviour can be given considering the joint effects of ownership advantages and location advantages of the market.

According to Tielmannexporting is a learning opportunity that businesses can utilize to understand the external markets while taking advantage of the opportunities presented to them by the market.

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An application of the theory of foreign direct investment to multinational banking in LDCs. In countries where the market potential is high and also the investment risk firms may show a higher preference for joint venture or exporting entry modes.

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For the purpose researcher has referred various secondary sources to collect appropriate information so that researcher can draw valid and appropriate conclusion. Initially, in China the organization faced stiff competition from the local players.

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Entry Strategies of foreign firms