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Broken family, either the mother has divorced the father legally or culturally is a greater source of embracement to them.

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The finding within my research is based on literature reviews, reading into research resources on my topic and personal experiences. Even the most dysfunctional families have some strengths that keep them united, while the most united families have some stress. Watching parents take a home from a traditional family lifestyle to a "broken" home by getting a divorce is very devastating to a child's mental well-being Meanwhile, they cannot catch up with making new friends. She claims that it is rather dangerous for a child to reside in such an environment because of vulnerability to a violent act Broken homes are experienced by some of the students not only with those in poverty line families but same goes to middle and higher class families. As to what extent the effect of their family condition to their academic performance and what adjustment strategies they employ is the premise of this study. Yet in some sense, God will still be able to use this unfortunate experience to prepare them for a life that will be fuller and richer. Other aspects of parental environment such as the structure of the family have been grossly neglected. One should be responsible in the way of taking care of their children. This household might suffer from domestic violence, a dissolved marriage, drug abuse, or anything else that interferes with the upbringing of children.

WhatsApp Effects of broken family on teenagers The family is the cornerstone of the society. The children were checked again last year.

What are some causes of broken family?

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Nevertheless, until recent decades the concept of a dysfunctional family was not taken seriously by professionals therapists, social workers, teachers, counselors, clergy, etc. Single parent homes in the U.

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The distress from broken family prompts the teenagers to act aggressively and engage in bullying behaviors.

It was also discovered that female students from broken homes perform better in their studies than the male students, moreover, the result showed that low socio-economic status, also had an adverse effect on the academic performance of children from broken homes.

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