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It is an essay that would have won the prize for walking the tight rope.

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My morals had declined. After coming back from England, now his heart wants it not to go anywhere. The poet, then, gloats on the slow curving movements of the women, both for the sake of their sensuousness and the insights they bring.

Critical analysis of the poem background casually by nissim ezekiel

The inner and the outer storms are not to be seen as problems to be solved: it is not a measure of ones wisdom to solve them. Parallelism is drawn between the poet, the lover and the Birdwatcher. He understands that he cannot get rid of his sense of being an Indian. Ramakrisha, D. The futility of the trip, the struggles on the way, the deprivations the group undergoes and the failure to compromise the intention of the trip with its end are succinctly brought out in the final clinching lines He says that now he has become an integral part of India. What I find interesting in the poem is the way it frames the question of identity. The song of my experience sung, I knew that all was yet to sing. I would not suffer that again. I would not suffer that again.

Time passed and even after two years he was alone. Mathews, Fed.

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Let see what the poet rascal is saying, who the poet rascal abusing himself? All the three have to wait patiently in their respective pursuits, indeed their 'waiting' is a sort of strategy, a plan of action which bear fruit it persisted in and followed with patience.

In the 2nd and 3rd stanzas the multicultural mix of the society in which the speaker has grown up is introduced through the self-pity ploy. Married, Changed jobs, and saw myself a fool. His poems show his desire to be away from distraction and obsessions of worldly life; but it is grounded in the physical and social reality.

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Similarly, if the poets wait still the moment of inspiration, he achieves some noble utterance.

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