Examples of gender bias in business writing

Every member of our staff gives her very best effort.

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In the airline industry, the old term "stewardess" has been changed to flight attendant both to bring more respect to the title and to account for males in the profession. Still better: All students can choose their majors. Numerous state and federal laws, including the Civil Rights Act of and the Equal Pay Act, establish anti-discrimination criteria throughout the United States. This can be most damaging to an organization if interviewers or hiring managers make notes on an applicant's resume or hiring paperwork which describe the person's color, race or national origin. Gender-free Language You should report your progress to me by May 1. To avoid this, you can also change the sentence to use the plural form of the pronoun. Even if the description is just to help someone remember which candidate is which and not intended as discriminatory, the appearance of discrimination still can be damaging. Oftentimes, it is effective to repeat the noun instead of using a pronoun.

Example gender bias : The editor and the writer disagreed about avoiding gender bias, but he convinced him to avoid it in the end. But: The people in our department are good employees as well as good breadwinners. There are many senior citizens [or seniors] in our town.

Examples of gender inequality in everyday life

In some instances, you can replace the pronoun with an article a, an, or the. By doing so, writers can avoid perpetuating and reinforcing stereotypes. Failure to comply with anti-discrimination laws can lead to civil suits as well as sanctions by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and state agencies which enforce these laws. As you review this list, compare the biased language of the original sentences with the gender-free phrasing of the revisions. Word Choice Do not use man, boy, and the like or words containing such prefixes or suffixes to refer to both genders. He has had the physical handicap since he was five. Before leaving work each day, the secretary should write down the most important tasks to be completed the next day. Gender Stereotypes Do not reinforce social or occupational stereotypes. Bias is so common in speech and writing that we often are not even aware of it. Three out of four customers prefer our brand of dish soap. This construction can become distracting when overused, however. To avoid this, you can also change the sentence to use the plural form of the pronoun. Tomorrow I am meeting with the chairman.

Repeat the noun, especially if there is a possibility of confusion. Never write: The applicant should submit your resume by Nov.

Gender bias examples in the classroom

In many cases, the pronoun is not necessary in the sentence, and it can simply be removed. Correct: When writers replace a noun with a pronoun in their writing, it should be aligned in number and gender. Instead of: Each alumnus was invited. Instead of: Each child scribbled on his pad of paper. Not: Each member of the board denied that they were involved in the matter. Make your sentences imperative. Keep in mind that some readers, however, may find this method somewhat distracting. Write: All students must meet with their professors. Biased Language Studying the techniques by which a celebrated writer achieved his success can stimulate any writer faced with similar problems. Both women and men can be actors. As you review this list, compare the biased language of the original sentences with the gender-free phrasing of the revisions. Instead, use examples that challenge these stereotypes. Though in speech we often use the plural pronoun with a singular noun particularly when preserving the anonymity of a person , this construction should be avoided in formal writing. When writing, avoid using offensive terms when referring to an individual or group of people. Avoid slash constructions.

But: I'm sorry; I must not have understood what you said. Tomorrow I am meeting with the chair.

Gender bias examples

But: The firefighters arrived on the scene shortly after the blaze started. Every member of our staff gives her very best effort. For a male, he's a rather competent nurse. Many companies have a policy of not making notes on resumes in part for this reason. This creates writing that is less legalistic and which helps avoid gender-specific pronouns. Switch from the third-person he to the second-person you or a you understood when this shift is appropriate for what you're writing. This extends into written communications in a business. In longer texts, you can alternate the use of gender pronouns, using he in one paragraph or section, chapter, example, and so forth and she in another, for instance. Still better: All students can choose their majors. Choose words that apply equally to men and women. Biased Language Each manager should report his progress to the undersigned by May 1. Our neighbor is a slow driver.

Mark potential donors' names off the list after you have talked to them. Tomorrow I am meeting with the chairman. Example gender bias : It can be helpful for a writer to step away from his document for a few days before editing it because he is too close to his document.

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Instead of writing something like, "we issued every employee his own laptop," try "we issued every employee a laptop. If you consistently use examples that portray men and women in their "traditional" roles, you are reinforcing long-held stereotypes. Not: They have hired more broads this year than men.

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Avoid Gender Bias in Writing