Fashion design coursework

fashion designing

That said, you may be able to take part of your coursework online. And while you may have to meet certain deadlines in completing your course work, your day-to-day class schedule is generally up to you. Learn anywhere, anytime. Different countries have different accreditation systems.

This could be awarded by your institution, or by a separate funding body. One irony of online fashion degree courses is that they often end up being more interactive than real-world classes. Information About Fashion Designer Salaries While the fashion design industry's household names probably earn hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars, this might be a little out of reach for the average fashion designer.

fashion designer salary

Fashion Illustration Pattern Cutting and Garment Production If your degree requires you to write a dissertation or submit a major project, this will give you a chance to further research a favoured area of fashion design.

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Master of Fashion (Design)