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This same idea can be repeated as an independent reading activity, a literature circle discussion prompt, or a way in to a partner reading conversation.

Marjorie Maine Too happy, suicidal on the inside Anonymous My life, lived inside my head. Pablo Abrante Always happiest with the bare minimum.

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Lauren Shapiro Worst of all, it goes on. Kelly Bonnickson I never believed this would happen. Andie Davidson Have yet to figure it out! It is harder, of course, to be reflective in six words.

6 word memoirs about love

Santiago Cortes Maybe art school was a mistake. There is a certain habit of mind, however, that comes with thinking of just the right words to say what you want to say. Asking students to put themselves in the shoes of a book character is hard work, and writing a six-word memoir as if they were that character raises the bar just a little bit more. Anthony LaFlamme Plenty diapers, smiles, hugs, and kisses. Kailey Zitaner Still searching for that silver lining. Angela Vertucci Dorms are weird er in your thirties. The brevity of the six-word structure makes it an ideal form for this type of review. The beauty of six-word memoirs is that structure is built into the fabric of this writing, but so is choice.

I live in Hill! As a Form of Reflection. Jamie-Lee Josselyn Woof, woof! Georgia Renouf Giving killing loving educated believed succeeded.

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OR Not much has changed since then. Build it. Sashi Grayndler The egg, the sperm, and then Kailey Zitaner Still searching for that silver lining. Maya Levine Up and showered, God bless steroids!! Selema Molopa Dream it. From our initial prompt, students can reflect in any number of ways.
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Create Six Word Memoirs with Kids