How to write a birthday card for father

Now smile and close the card.

happy birthday dad from daughter

Here is to another year of you putting up with me! Now that I have kids of my own, I see how hard it is to be a good father.

what to write in a fathers day card

Thank you for being a real hero dad. Thank you dad for believing in me and always pushing me to do my best. Happy Birthday Dad Wishes 1.

You're my favorite dad.

funny birthday wishes for dad

Sending flowers with a heartfelt card is always a great option when saying happy birthday. Thank you for being the lighthouse that keeps me safe during the storms of life. Thanks for always steering me back on the right path.

Dad birthday cards

When someone asks me who I look up to most, I always say you. Because you are the best example of a perfect human being and an awesome parent. Life is meant to be enjoyed. You are a great grandfather and an even better father, happy birthday! I love that we spent more time together this past year. Happy birthday from your favorite child! Fathers are a store house of wisdom and lessons learned. Thank you for always making me feel safe! The cake may be straining under the weight of the candles but you are as spry as ever pops. Your heavenly father knew you before you were born. Buy it from this store?
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Birthday Wishes for Father