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This is the point I recommend a sugary cup of tea. Having light and dark sections in songs is a must for me, personally. Read More. That Tool song in question is similar in style to the earlier style of post rock. Cayafas talk10 February UTC This comment leaves out all the "ultra-heavy" math rock groups.

It should be kept. It is written as one continuous song except for the break to flip the record and uses tons of different time signatures.

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In this way, it can be seen that these critics' reference to a "jazzy" aesthetic is most likely referring to this portion of the rhythmic aspect, and not to any overt influence from the music of John Coltrane or any other contemporary jazz musician although the members of such groups may be enthusiasts of such music.

Share the knowledge! This style of math rock is not "jazz-influenced"; "jazzy" was correct.

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Where post-rock has distinct jazz influences, math rock is the opposite side of the same coin -- it's dense and complex, filled with difficult time signatures and intertwining phrases. Badagnani , 17 May UTC I agree mostly with you, but Planet X is very similar to your description of math rock, but they claim theirselfs as prog rock. Progressive prog rock, or art rock, originated in the s and was influenced by classical music and more stylistically diverse in instrumentation, theme, lyrics, timbre, etc. Start strumming and playing around with chords. Tortoise and Don Caballero both got both genre labels. Think Shellac, Rodan, Unwound. Just dropping some big names to make the difference clearer. There are so many different pockets and subgenres of math rock that I'm assuming math rock came from all around.

It is commonplace to find guitarists in math rock groups using the tapping technique of guitar playing, and loop pedals are occasionally incorporated, as by the band Battles.

I suggest that you keep recording ideas. This article needs to be blown up, but I'm starting gradually. And for the record, "ultra-heavy math rock" has no google results so we shouldn't use that term and 'heavy math rock' has this very talk page as the first result.

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