How to write a noun poem

Because abstract nouns are ideas and not concrete, these poems are a list of metaphors to create imagery in the reader's mind.

noun poems that rhyme

Abstract noun poems are one of my favourite forms of poetry to teach children. I then discussed common and proper nouns - again I showed a series of sentences where pupils identified the nouns. I wonder will it ever end? So humbling were the groans that nearly a decade crossed swiftly across his face, only five or ten minutes had passed before another twenty years flowed into the vast matrix of the rivers of blue sweat marked by estuaries, creeks, and streams across the brow, down the cheeks, and ultimately across the neck, lazing down into the chest, before settling its heavy panic soaking in the guts.

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So that's it! Where a heavy glass brick has been vitrifying in the sun, never have two people seen the steamy and piping-hot quarry go from its conviviality and festivity of life, into this shriveled up tree having found its way into the prairie where giant winds bend its branches and enormous thunderstorms nearly strangle it with its own roots.

Frisked by sin and pangs of nostalgia in which a thousand thoughts intersplice the whorls imprinted upon our brains. Pained with hunger but besmirched with fright, skin sweaty, knotted like muslin yards growing weak against the coil. All purchases help towards the running costs of this website and pay the mortgage on my stunning villa on the french Riviera My resource pack includes: a beast of a 28 slide PowerPoint with grammar work on nouns for pupils to do on whiteboards, two abstract noun poems, a printable planning sheet and also planning for teachers.

This was 20 pages worth of PowerPoint and a good way to get in some grammar revision.

how to write a noun poem

I then showed the two poems 'Fear' and 'Freedom' see right.

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Abstract Noun Poetry