How to write a press release for an event pdf

Anything positive to add? Boilerplate — Include a short paragraph about your company at the end of the press release. Headline — Use a catchy headline that grabs attention right away.

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The PR will introduce the album to the world and would also explain the theme of the music along with concise data on the music artist or band. Well, a press release format template word doc starts with a headline, followed by sub-head, dateline, lead sentence and call to action.

It will enable you to present the event information in a report format that further adds on a serious undertone to it.

Sample press release template

Organization is Key Proper organization is by far the most important aspect of any press release. These few points do not exhaust the press release writing issue, but as I mentioned before, the internet is full of supplementary materials. What is the most important thing in my press release and will the newsroom find a reason to publish my news? The last 2 points would be copy body and contact information. You cannot use any sort of direct promotional tone throughout the PR except within quotes. Well, a standard PR for promotion frames a special message from the company- like new deals or product launch- in the form of a news report without taking the direct promotional tone. Review our example press releases for exact formatting requirements. Journalist C: Attachments are incredibly important.

Boilerplate — a short description that allows to convey the essence of the business and hence makes it easier to write about 6. If we would like to host a journalist at our event, besides the press release, we should also send them an invitation clearly stating the date, time, venue and the reason for the event.

What do they need to know about your upcoming event? Information about upcoming open events with the intention of using the media to invite their audience 4.

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