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Folktales of its origins abound, the most popular being that when the English bested the French in The Hundred Years War with their fancy high-tech longbows, the V hand shape of the archers lining up their arrows became a battle gesture. Within four months, the tweet gained over 14, likes and 7, retweets.

The hidden layer size will be 25 nodes and the output will be 4 nodes 4 type of signs.

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The revolutionary painting captured the horrors of war in a single, emotionally riveting image. A horrible moment. In order to predict we are going to use the predict function located in predict.

Why tell someone to fuck off when you can just give them the finger? On February 13th,Gateway Pundit founder Jim Hoft tweeted a photograph of himself and White House correspondent Lucian Wintrich standing behind the White House press briefing room lectern while making the hand gesture shown below.

Among the hordes of protesters who marched over 50 miles from Trafalgar Square in London to the site of the Atomic Weapons Research Establishment was Gerald Holtoma designer and art school grad.

In Asia, the V sign or the peace sign now is considered as the statuary sign that is made while being photographed.

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How the symbol for extinction became this generation’s peace sign