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The thesis of the dissertation is wait times at clinics and how that time can be reduced to obtain efficiency at clinics. Our organization is a business organization so the motive or Justification of the study is to assess the performance of KS Group present activity of information management system.

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This implies that the business allocation takes minimal space since information and data is stored in computers and its components. This is mostly done at the point of sale terminals operated by cashiers or at self-checkout stations. Since the s, a new concept of community living and property ownership has evolved in Bangladesh and this concept has resulted in a new made of property ownership-Apartment-and Commercial Spaces. Secondary Data Collection Methods: Data collection from the companies brochures. The problem stated above is that current performance of management information system is satisfactory but how can done this total service level more satisfactory level in desired time. Management information systems are distinct from regular information systems in that they are used to analyze other information systems applied in operational activities in the organization. Automated self-checkouts may be too much for our store, but it would be good to keep it in mind. To provide recommendations to solve the problems for excellence performance in MIS Methodology : Data for this report collected from the following sources: Primary source Secondary source Primary Data Collection Methods: By talking with the employees of the organization. Kelly Rainer Jr. In this, case a brick and mortar business would require the following types of information systems Oz, These two agencies currently do not have a uniform data standard for collecting and reporting immunization data. TASK Write a project proposal of between and words approximately pages based on a given topic. To know about the scenario of MIS practices in Bangladesh. Management information systems MIS produce fixed, regularly scheduled reports based on data extracted and summarized from the firms underlying transaction processing systems TPS to middle and operational level managers to provide answers to structured and semi-structured decision problems.

To know about the MIS practices from global perspective. The problem stated above is that current performance of management information system is satisfactory but how can done this total service level more satisfactory level in desired time.

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In this project, theoretical framework is used to evaluate the management information system concepts of KS Group. The purpose of this paper is to research and evaluate the legislative drivers for information security programs of State of Maryland in order to improve the information security policy to prevent loss of the confidentiality, integrity and availability of agency operations, organizational assets or individuals with new amendments in legislation.

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Pant, S. Identify the major functions within a functional area e. To describe the business enterprise functions and the major processes and procedures within that functional area. Kelly Rainer Jr. Rationale of the Study : A business organization has a set of goals and objectives to be achieved. The storage of records and other information takes less time and space. Management information systems involve three primary resources: technology, information, and people. Learn More According to Oz , the components of information systems are computer hardware and software, databases, telecommunications and human resource personnel. Hence, a business organization should be structured in the most effective way to fully utilize its resources- capital, human resources, knowledge in products and services, and both external and internal information to achieve its strategic goals. This system must definitely come with password access. How to cite this page Choose cite format:. It makes summarized reports of all merchandise bought and sold from the store. For example, a shell script can be written to perform the nightly system backup. This system allows access to the web, allowing for electronic sales.

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