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The exterior is beautifully furnished with tile mosaic and filigree work, while the interior is a model of colorful fresco paintings. Who built this mega structure is still a mystery.

Khwabgah-e-Kalan Bari Khwabgah is a detached single-storey arcaded palace building located in the centre of the chahar bagh overlooking the north aspect of the fort.

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In order to enter the tower you will need to use the opening from the Shah Jahan Quad. The comparatively simple faceted concave capitals that you see here were transformed into elaborate stalactite capitals beautifully rendered with inlay etc.

Covering almost acres. This is because that every Mughal emperor that came along besides the Sikhs and the British colonizers further built a pavilion or a palace of wall to the fort. Akbar demolished the old mud fort and constructed most of the modern fort on the old foundations.

Expensive stones were used in its inside.

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The palace formed the Harm Ladies portion of the fort.

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