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No gimmicks, no computer-generated brush strokes; if you use our handwriting activities, you WILL learn to write Chinese correctly and keep it for a lifetime! I arrived at night on Tuesday, and my PA who found the cheap apartment for me did all the talking with my landlord, handed me the keys in exchange for rent, quickly showed me some essentials on my street explaining everything in Englishand then I went to sleep.

Wondering how it can be so easy? If your child is aiming to become conversational in Mandarin, they can begin at any age and still be able to hold their own.

ShaoLan's book Chineasy does a fantastic job of this. For you overachievers, it might be nice to have a program that will manage your unreasonably high expectations.

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The vast majority of Chinese words contain two characters. These are specifically designed to boost your ability to read and write Chinese characters.

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Full disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Second, and more importantly, those 50, characters are all made up of the same components. The only English I've gotten apart from my PA has been from likely candidates such as Starbucks, that I'm going to more out of laziness to have access to a menu in English, and a habit I hope to break soon.

It can be used in minute intervals of downtime because of its simplicity. If you liked this post, something tells me that you'll love FluentU, the best way to learn Chinese with real-world videos.

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How to Write in Chinese