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Holidays, festivals and collegians put a lot of pressure on the existing demand and supply situations of Nasta seasonally, resulting in mismanagement and losses.

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DHL also provides value-added services at the site, including printing and labeling, and shrink-wrapping items in foil before shipment. At present, the company has contracted trucks for delivery of stocks to the various centres. The innovative shared-user local distribution solution currently rolled out across 11 regions enables the business to make up to four deliveries a day to its service and repair centers, resulting in higher levels of aftersales customer service and increased sales of spare parts. The replenishment rate is 48 to 54 pallets per wagon depending upon the type of wagon used. Secondly, they want the company to improve upon the quality of the product which will reduce the complaints by the customers. This certainly provided a very high service level and the customers would get their shades as per their desires and thus they were fully satisfied. But delivery schedules get affected due to various reasons. The shelf-life is only about 5 hours, if the goods are not properly refrigerated. Questions: a In what ways should you consider the components of the logistic information system important to Bharat Point?

Presently, the incoming supplies are arranged by the vendor firms and also, they may have to be persuaded to opt for jointly approved transporters.

Hence, Satisfaction was well-received in the market without much initial fuss and skepticism. All the competitors have equally good quality product in the market. DHL also provides value-added services at the site, including printing and labeling, and shrink-wrapping items in foil before shipment.

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The managing director directed the general manager of the maintenance department to study he various problems of his department and submit a proposal to resolve them. The manufacturer was facing complications managing its automotive component collections. You are required to study and guide the company regarding the following matters.

The company ships container loads of labeled and pre-tagged merchandise by combination of ocean transportation and domestic inland motor freight to a centralized distribution centre in Delhi and Bangalore.

This, they believe, will ward off the threat from its competitors. Planning has been routinely based on past experience and history. At the same time, the company also has a strong supplier base situated in other countries as well. The company has planned to undertake the distribution of garments made and packed in its plants at Navi Mumbai and Kalyan so as to retain the control over the design, quality and service channel of its products.

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The forecast of the number of expected packets that could be sold for the first month was around 75,, and 1,25, for the second month. Setting-up of proper, effective logistical information system to improve coordination [Note: Discuss about Logistics as an integrated process, ensuring proper planning] 2. Unfortunately, the maintenance department is having problems of spares, components, and other inventory as well as experienced personnel who can deal efficiently with mechanical failures. It is involved in the fast food business since last 10 years and has a tie up with a foreign firm operating in the same field. Explain 2 Explain how to apply the total cost approach to the entire supply chain. You have to envisage all possible alternatives b What improvements do you suggest for improving the performance on the inbound and manufacturing cycles? The cloth, thread and other materials are supplied by Cambridge to the garment factories. Discounts offered are flexible. Right said he will look into the matter. It, therefore, began offering clothing for both, the middle as well as the higher level income groups of gents customers. It has its factory as well as the processing unit in Navi Mumbai.

Right believes that a large supplier base is good because it encourages price competition among the suppliers and will thus give some competitive advantage to the company. Hence, the safety stock is maintained as per the norms prescribed by the company for the supply of the materials from the three hubs.

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But, after a few minutes, they all began to heartily endorse the idea. It slacks off drastically during January and February. The company has about 40 raw materials suppliers. The information gathered from EDPL shows that the annual demand of the item, namely, starter switches, is 5, nos. The dealers not only sell the goods manufactured by the company, but also those manufactured by the competitors. Prefer those suppliers who can supply goods in their own transport] 4. Also, it is seen that purchase apparel merchandise by catalogue has an element of prestige in certain social circles. Lastly, the pricing of the watches manufactured by HW were based on equal distribution of expenses. From there, the products are delivered directly to the retailers. Ever since these events took place, the planning has become excessively couscous and hence, errs on the side having excessive inventories at the distribution centres. In case there is any emergency demand, then 18 pallets can be made available by truck with 3 days transit time. The game is turning big, in every way. Such a move would have proved beneficial to both, the company as well as suppliers. SKUs of various gents attire enjoy a strong brand image which the company has build. The young working couples also receive catalogue from competitive firms such as ABC Ltd.
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