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I love life, for the little things, When a little child sings.

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This type of attitude will allow us to live full and meaningful lives, that are filled with joy and happiness. To believe is to find the strength and courage that lies within us When it's time to pick up the pieces and begin again.

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Act,—act in the living Present! That's why I made a list of my personal values and read them out loud each day. What is it then to have no wife, but single thralldom or a double strife? Love is mutual respect, it's when you understand each other, when you connect two happy hearts. A Poem About Life and Love When I was writing this next poem about life and love, I tried to picture how one could exist without the other. Years go by, we continue to age, We approach, our final page. Love is like a story book. And you, my father, there on the sad height, Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray. I'm so glad you like my poem, and please feel free to use it any way you need to. Everyone's story is unique, and therefore, each individual will have a different "My Life Poem". To try to understand the ones That no one cares to know. Point To Life to the eye of the broken trail if not faster then an unborn snail with tears of red to which did cry with all life known that had to die and not perceive the standing door to wish that life was not a bore and heaven and hell had to fight and scream through out the dreary night Life and Death Life begins with something so small, Innocent baby, could barely crawl. Upon the road of my life by Stephen Crane Upon the road of my life, Passed me many fair creatures, Clothed all in white, and radiant.

I hope you'll be inspired, find meaning and come to love these beautiful poems! Death converts, our body to sand. What is it then to have no wife, but single thralldom or a double strife?

But that's just that way I am, always curious, and always looking forward to trying new things.

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It's even better if you can take a few minutes to ponder about each poem to see what new ideas, insights or perspectives you can take away with you. Love survives through the worst of situations, and thrives through hope.

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