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Weather recording paper Our weather recording paper is used at locations such as factories with chimneys and expressways whether wind direction and wind speed are observed. They do not store personal information directly, but are based on the unique identification of the browser and the Internet device being used.

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Recording Paper, Pens, Ink Recording paper We offer a wide variety of products for instruments used in analysis and measurement of temperature, humidity, wind direction, wind speed, pressure. Pens, ink, ribbons We provide pens used with measuring instruments, replenishment ink, dotting ink, and ribbons, etc.

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We produce paper of sufficient length for the number of measurement days 31 days including the number of days required for paper replacement.

Our paper is used for a comprehensive range of applications from weather, medicine, machinery and steel, to chemicals, pharmaceuticals, monitoring and analysis.

ecg paper measurements

Pressure measurement film Prescale This pressure measurement film allows "pressure distribution" to be visualized. Technical cookies are essential and can not be disabled using this feature. Temperature and humidity measurement recording paper This recording paper is manufactured to the very highest levels of quality for controlling temperature and humidity.

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