Norms within a virtual team essay

One of the two articles in question was published in Spring of and was authored by Brown, Scott-Poole and Rodgers. A virtual team consists of a group of individuals who are geographically diverse, which causes them to use electronic information or technological tools to coordinate their ideas in order to succeed at a given task.

A study of the meaning and characteristics of virtual teams shows how they meet the needs and challenges of this new workplace. In addition, the team will create some adaptive norms. Purpose Statement Virtual Teams Study Purpose Statement The present study seeks to assess and evaluate emotional intelligence in virtual teams and how it impacts team performance.

team norms

More often they are allocated in accordance with interests, availability, knowledge, etc. The various tools and techniques like Pareto charts, quality control charts are the ways of quality management in the project. Bus Management Skill Development November 10, Diverse and Virtual Teams The world is a growing and changing place, and in business we have seen many changes occur.

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Diversity and Virtual Team Essay