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The multidivisional structure is beneficial for the organization for a variety of reasons. The relationships that the organization has with its distributors are another competitive advantage that cannot easily be imitated. As a result, it will lead to complementarily effects, which productivity gains can arise. Get out into the market and listen, observe and learn c. If the company creates divisional competition, coordination may decrease because each division wants to have an advantage over everyone else. This clear objective directs both employers and employees to create values and make differences for organization. Because the organization does not have to worry about the distribution in the local markets, it allows the company to focus on more important issues. Uncertainty in the environment has caused many external problems for the organization, ranging from uncertainty with its suppliers and distributors to political and societal pressures. The surveys and interviews used by the company allowed information to flow from the bottom-up, and the intranet allows for information to be exchanged laterally. As previously stated, The Coca-Cola Company does not produce the end product.

Allocating more capital to the department also allows for each marketing campaign to be tailored to specific markets, making advertisements more effective. Retail customers g.

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Bythe organization, already, had operations in the United States and Canada. The company has faced a variety of internal problems over the years.

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The Coca-Cola name even has an influence on consumer tastes. Taste tests indicated that consumers would prefer a new, sweeter version of Coca-Cola, which lead to the creation of New Coke in Be insatiably curious Work Smart a. This team consists of each head of the eight operating groups aforementioned, and also has other top executives in areas like innovation and technology and marketing.

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In order to react to this trend, many diet and low-calorie drinks have been created. Therefore, the multidivisional structure is an appropriate structure and brings benefit for the company. Communication Top-down Network top-down, bottom-up, lateral The blending of both types of structures seems to be ideal for the organization. By , the organization, already, had operations in the United States and Canada. The brand name recognition that the company enjoys is a powerful bargaining tool. They also inspire new employees to make a positive impact on the world. Frank points out that he believes many misunderstand how important the key industries of fashion and advertising were to the shaping of our consumer culture, especially in getting Americans to rethink who they were. The shareowners are concerned with earning a profit, while local communities care deeply about environmental issues and labour standards. Remain responsive to change c. They have been successful pursuing differentiation because the focus of the company has always been on marketing. Some of the raw materials are available only from a few limited suppliers Annual Report, As stated previously, the company has been trying to change the culture by allowing employees to essentially shape and reform the goals of The Coca-Cola Company Fox, It has taken the organization over years to build such a strong brand preference, and this cannot be imitated by competitors. The organizations major stakeholders in the company are: shareowners, associates, bottling partners, suppliers, government, NGOs, customers and consumers and their local markets Corporate Responsibility Review,

The majority of the top level managers at The Coca-Cola Company have worked in many different regions and areas of the company. Therefore a well planned advertisement is an important component that has helped the company to penetrate the market especially when introducing a new product.

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The other two traits, consistency and mission, are not only indicators of integration, direction and vision, but also are better predictors of profitability Denision and Mishra, The culture of Coca Cola is guided by its enduring mission, which is to be the largest beverage company in the world since it was founded in

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