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Put together enough cash to make a trip to Cannes, Sundance or AN Other place where you know for a fact players of significance will be at. Find a good upcoming contest that is feasible for you and appropriate for your script and schedule backwards from the deadline.

This is why you must do your research, read blogs, and find out as much about the contest before you send off your treasured project and hard-earned money.

Keep the faith, your eye on the big picture, and keep filling your blank pages.

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Even placing in more recognized contests will help to get your script read. What kind of scripts win, generally?

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Like a lot of the Industry programs listed here, they're especially interested in attracting writers of diverse backgrounds, but all writers are welcome to submit. Many times it made the difference between someone reading and not reading it. When we launched in October of , we sent confirmation emails to writers when they submitted to contests that tracked placements on Coverfly letting them know that they could see their placement on Coverfly itself. A little tech jargon goes a long way. That said, any given contest should be able to point to past success stories as templates for what future participants should strive towards. Save some money by aiming for early entry, when the fee is slightly lower. This is fraud.

A website straight out of the s is an immediate red flag. The parent company is called Red Ampersand Inc.

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Screenwriting contests: Are they worth the money?