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Extensive information about what you can expect here. The network includes award-winning editors and ghostwriters who have worked on best-sellers. Has a range of prices so there is something to suit most budgets. Writing is a tough skill to master. Rates — Most online book editors are freelance editors, which means they set their own rates. I now edit crime and historical fiction, as well as travel writing. You can then approach several editors at the same time with a project brief and sample of your book. Whether it's a developmental edit of a draft or a proofread of a PDF, your editor will take your work to the next level. However, as is always the case in creative endeavours, critique can be hard to accept. Working together We see editing as a collaboration between author and editor. Ebook Launch.

Mary C. Does my manuscript need copy editing and proofreading? The preferred style guide for this article is the Chicago Manual of Style, a common style guide for book authors. Even though the writing may benefit from heavier line editing, that is not part of this editing assessment.

It takes less than one minute.

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If you don't like the work you receive, you are not obligated to place a paid order with us. I will definitely recommend you guys in the future and I'll be back, too! Wolf DeVoon Author of 'A Portrait of Valor' I wanted to thank you again for creating such beautiful covers, for your responsiveness to my questions and concerns, and for being so patient with me as I stumbled my way through this process. Editing service definitions Everyone uses different definitions for different types of editing. The turnaround was unexpectedly fast and I got incredible value for my money. I have been inundated with compliments on my covers from both readers and fellow authors alike. I highly recommend working with these guys! Editors do many things. They also have book cover design and marketing professionals and use an extensive vetting process so you can be sure of the quality. They cover a huge range of genres and specialisms. The official answer is maybe.

Upload Documents Please enter the word count of your documents: Include footnotes and endnotes if you want us to review them. Get ready to publish everywhere. You can breathe easy knowing that your work is safe with us. You can click on the icon on the bottom right of each page to see if we have answered your question there.

I personally love to write my books using Scrivenerand will then switch to Google docs for better tracking systems. It continues to be a matchmaking service for writers and editors and now includes editors who can assist with the self-publishing process.

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Most editors will do a free sample editing. Check out their reputation carefully first and communicate carefully with them in order to determine a schedule, payment expectations, methods of communication etc.

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