Republic act 9231

child labor law

The Department, on its own or in collaboration with concerned institutions, shall set up a mechanism to provide free legal services for working children and their parents or guardians.

Prohibition on the Employment of Children in Certain Advertisements.

Ra 9231 official gazette

In case both parents are absent or incapacitated, the order of preference on parental authority as provided for under the Family Code shall apply. Prohibition on the Employment of Children in Certain Advertisements — No child below 18 years of age shall be employed as a model in any advertisement directly or indirectly promoting alcoholic beverages, intoxicating drinks, tobacco and its byproducts, gambling or any form of violence or pornography. The Regional Director shall have ten days from service of notice within which to issue a revocation, suspension or dismissal order. The same Act is hereby further amended by adding a new section to be denominated as Section A, to read as follows: "Sec. The child shall have full control over the trust fund upon reaching the age of majority. In no case shall the closure be lifted unless the imminent danger has been abated. Access to Immediate Legal, Medical and Psycho-Social Services — Working children, including victims of child labor shall have the right to free legal, medical and psycho-social services to be provided by the State through agencies mandated to provide such services, as well as through networks like the National Program Against Child Labor, other existing interagency mechanisms, or those that may be established. Employers on the other hand are instructed to provide the working child access to al least primary and secondary education.

The notice shall be in the form prescribed by the Department and shall state the approximate number of child workers to be employed, the date, place and time the work is to be performed, and an undertaking that the employment shall be in conformity with Republic Act No.

For the duration of the closure, the employer shall pay the wages of all employees affected.

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This trust fund shall be administered by the Department and disbursed exclusively for programs and projects preventing child labor and mitigating its effects.

In the absence ofor incapacity of either of the parents, the other parent shall administer the same.

ra 9231 ppt

Upon issuance of the notice and during the pendency of the proceedings, the child concerned shall not be allowed to work. The same Act is hereby further amended by adding new sections to Section 16 to be denominated as Sections A, B and C to read as follows: "Sec.

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