Rice baylor essay

Jackie: I created my blog just before I graduated from high school after listening to Poly alumnus and dermatologist Dr.

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When I was six years old, I cheated death. It was very challenging to keep up with my schoolwork while flying out of state for interviews.

Tell us about your unique interest in medicine Thank you in advance!!!!!

Rice baylor essay

I have always been fascinated with science and loved children. The essence of the essay would have been better received and made clearer if you had somehow made a relation or connection between your childhood experience and your growing interest in medical science over the years. Tell us about your unique interest in medicine I created an outlet to share my experiences, opinions, and any helpful insights as I began to learn more about nuances within medicine. Accepted: What are some of your most rewarding extracurricular activities? Thank you Jackie for sharing your story with us — we wish you the best of luck! With regards to your statement about Baylor and Rice University, you already know that they are on the cutting edge of the medical field, so a statement or so about how and why you were motivated to study at the university, particularly in the realm of possible research that you can start during your time a student there and how you will utilize the school facilities, professors, mentor programs, internships, etc, would be definitely plus points for your application as it can show how you will become a definite asset to the student community and the university prestige in particular. Class trips to museums and conducting research over the summer participating in advanced seminars introduced me to new scientific topics and solidified my desire to focus my education towards biological science.

What made you want to start chronicling your journey to med school? Saeed Jaffer speak at a luncheon.

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Then, after a bit more introduction, talk about fascination with biology. This program will allow me to hone my talents and express my passion for science and children in a constructive way, a way that benefits and serves humanity. Jackie: My medical school application process was untraditional and took place while I was still in high school at Polytechnic in Pasadena, CA.

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Also, I don't really think your last paragraph fits with the prompt. Accepted: Lastly, what is one of your favorite inspirational quotes to live by? Each of these attempted career paths strengthened my desire to go to medical school, and each failed attempt made the picture of Dr.

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It was very challenging to keep up with my schoolwork while flying out of state for interviews. Through this team I was able to apply my classroom knowledge into activities like doing case studies and suturing pig's feet. I stood there confused because I did not understand why my mother was so concerned, but happy because I had eaten all of my favorite purple vitamins. Last year I was part of a medical venturing team in Suburban Hospital. Related Resources:. Thank you in advance!!!!! Accepted: How did the application process go for you? Jackie: I am privileged to have met Dr. Tell us about your unique interest in medicine
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Rice/Baylor Application and Requirements