Shopping as a leisure activity essay

Shopping related essay

Apart from this, competitions should be organized in the societies so that people can put efforts learning the skills to win such contests. It is best fitness activity moving one shop to another searching for specific product. This trend has a positive impact on both the individuals and the society. Send us your writing samples for a free band score estimate or get a detailed analysis of your writing for a fee. These not only help companies finish their existing stock and add new products but also give an opportunity for people to save money on expensive items. Furthermore, people's urge to purchase things they do not need creates a monetary asymmetry and put them in debts. I believe this trend has an adverse effect on the young generation and frequent shoppers. I think it's really meant for me. People can now shop online using their computer or smart phone. This development has affected the society positively and negatively. Another drawback of this development is that it can engender an unhealthy relationship with money. Many buy gifts for deer ones on their birthday and anniversary.

They provide many cash back offers on different products and sometimes they offer zero interest EMI schemes to lure consumers. The other reason is to search for missing piece of their wardrobe. This trend has a positive impact on both the individuals and the society.

shopping is now one of the most popular form of leisure activity

Most people buy the items on sales, which otherwise they would reject after seeing the high costs, regardless of their needs.

Why is it so? Although there are other reasons too, rewarding themselves for their hard work seems to be the primary reason for many people to engage in this activity. What effects does its popularity have on individuals and on society? In my opinion, this is a negative development because of the wastage of money, time and energy.

It gives happiness and best pass time. To conclude with, shopping is essential and inevitable part of daily life. This sharp increase in shopping trend has benefitted both the individual and the society in many ways.

People should be motivated by their friends or family members to enjoy sports activities by playing together some games such as cricket, badminton and others.

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