Survey results

Learn more: Exports All Responses Data All responses data exports allow you to download your survey's raw data for further analysis. Include some supporting data if you need to, but remember--data visualization is all about cutting through the clutter. Depending on which results you want, there are a few ways to calculate weighted results using the Weight column in the Excel file you export.

Create your survey report it's free and super easy.

interpreting survey results

Or you can choose to turn off animation. You may also download individual responses in PDF format for easy printing and sharing.

survey results presentation

This is a visual survey results report, so use text sparingly. You can create your survey results report for free and download it as an image file. Continue with the questions that will give you the real value of the survey.

Survey results

Where do I start? Time: Date and time in UTC, in the format Then, create a quick mockup of how you want your visual survey report to look. Yes target answer I prefer not to say Which quality do you look for most when purchasing a dog toy? It combines a very simple chart with some big, bold text for a high-impact result: Design best practices for presenting survey results in infographics Even if you have the most interesting survey data ever, no one will give it a second look if your infographic is poorly designed. Create your survey report it's free and super easy. This extra text will help to ensure that nothing is misinterpreted or lost in translation between you and your audience.

Make sure your colors, fonts and icons all have one consistent style and are suitable for your audience and intended message. Just pick out the most frequently-used keywords from the comments and plug them into our word cloud generator.

Click on the Documents tab and choose any of the templates under the Surveys sub-category. Choose from hundreds of fonts, colors, images and icons to modify the template to your content needs.

Read through your notes if you have any, otherwise try to remember! You can apply weights to the results by creating a pivot table where the columns are the answers to a question and the data is the sum of the weights.

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