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Assignments Complete an online writer's workshop Write a descriptive poem about a physical attribute Post Instructional Did the students have enough knowledge to navigate the Internet independently?

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Initially, most children will hesitate to answer for fear of "bragging," but will share when they realize the classroom environment is friendly and tolerant. Step 6: Have students write their own descriptive poem about the best part of them following the advice given in the writer's workshop.

Did you hear more positive comments being mentioned about physical attributes?

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Step 2: Ask students if there is anything about themselves that they love and why. I allowed students to approve their photo before I printed it, or they could get a retake taken by me. There are many books available that focus on self-esteem.

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Getting Started With all of my students gathered on the carpet around me last week, I pulled out a hand mirror and just started staring at myself, smiling. Children, like many adults, can feel uncomfortable seeing parts of themelves larger than life in a photograph. Let me know what great books or projects you use for creating positive self-images and self-esteem in your classroom. I've suggested a few possibilities below. Step 7: Have students publish their poems by neatly printing them on blank paper in the style of those in Wendy Ewald's The Best Part of Me. Next, I asked my boys and girls if there was any part of themselves that they absolutely loved. There are many books available that focus on self-esteem. Tell them you are going to share a book of poetry compiled by a photographer who visited third-, fourth-, and fifth-grade students at their schools and asked them the question, "What is the best part of you? Click on each book for more information. Step 4: Following the reading, tell students they need to decide on what they think is the very best part of them by the next class session.

Step 8: As students are writing and publishing their poems, pull students aside one at a time and take a close-up photograph of each child's self-described "best part.

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The Best Part of Me: Positive Self