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The act reflected the demands of leaders of major farm organizations especially the Farm Bureau and reflected debates among Roosevelt's farm advisers such as Secretary of Agriculture Henry A.

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The goal was relief, recovery, and reform for those who were hardest hit. Clark had been nicknamed "the millionaire lieutenant".

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Bynegative publicity, a continuing sluggish economy and Republican victories in midterm elections virtually ended Roosevelt's ability to pass more reform legislation.

If that much had been spent in the first year of the New Deal, it would have ended the Depression right there and then.

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Businesses heeded the codes when they saw fit, and ignored them when it served their purposes. In Novemberhe won the presidential election against Republican Wendell Willkie.

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Labor unions enjoyed a new-found legitimacy—symbolized by the millions of workers who joined—but found that businesses ignored provisions that guaranteed worker's wages and hours. Butler went on to rise in public profile, championing populism and pacifism with his book, War Is a Racket, but for the beneficial publicity, the committee as well as French agree that he was telling truth. MacGuire and Bob Doyle in That same year, the economy slipped back into a recession when the government reduced its stimulus spending. Though most of the press erupted in fury, denouncing FDR as a would-be dictator, he had so large a majority in both houses of Congress in the Senate, in the House that political commentators expected the bill to pass. She was, in fact, with him at the time of his death. As a result of this legislation, the average income of farmers almost doubled by In the hundred days from March to June we became again an organized nation confident of our power to provide for our own security and to control our own destiny. In May , he signed the Securities Act, which required corporations and stockbrokers to release accurate information about stocks to investors. His views were published in his well-known short book War is a Racket, which was published in Bettmann Archive via Getty Images At this point, Butler knew MacGuire was taking orders from someone, and requested to speak up the chain of command.

Gerald C. MacGuire attempted to recruit him to lead a coup, promising him an army ofmen for a march on Washington, DCand financial backing. Beginning in the fall ofindustrial production fell by 33 percent, national income dropped by 12 percent, and industrial stock prices plummeted by 50 percent.

Recovery was steady and strong until

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In May , he signed the Securities Act, which required corporations and stockbrokers to release accurate information about stocks to investors. He was also a Roosevelt supporter, no? Every new addition to the safety net has been met with a concerted campaign by conservatives and the business establishment to undermine it. William E. Roosevelt shut the CWA after only four months, however, because it was so costly. The National Youth Administration NYA , an agency of the WPA, trained and employed hundreds of thousands of teenagers and made it possible for many more young people, including the future playwright Arthur Miller, to work their way through college. Wilson , Rexford Tugwell and George Peek. Due to an overproduction of agricultural products, farmers faced a severe and chronic agricultural depression throughout the s. Long a goal of liberals, this bill, like the Wagner Act, had been stalled in Congress until FDR declared it vital legislation.
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