The causes of the salem witch trials (dbq essay

They might not have been the ones that can be seen in the books or popular movies, but they were considered a legitimate threat to the people of Salem. These factors contributed to the major social, political, and economic reasons why the Salem witch trials began.

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Religion was enforced among the people of Salem village, which created dispute against church-members and the non-church members The place is a crowded courthouse in the small town of Salem, Massachusetts. The Salem, Massachusetts Witch Trials have generated extensive evaluation and interpretation Were they just bored, or was something really going on.

Causes of the salem witch trials political religious and social

Puritans, called fundamentalists, followed the Bible to the T and anything outside of the Bible was considered unheard of. It is believed that only people associated with the devil can perform such acts. There were several reasons different sources have come up with that are said to have cause in the trials and the way they played out. The witch trials was one of the most shameful events in American history. Such tensions were the cause of the prevalent hysteria concerning witchcraft in the s and s. These tensions in addition to other social, economic, and political factors resulted in the catastrophic consequence of the Salem witch trials. Before the witch trials Salem had a colorful history

That could have been the case because as the majority of the accused, 76 married women were accused of Ithaca out of single, married, and widowed Document 5. The story of witchcraft is first and foremost the story of women.

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The Causes of the Salem Witch Trials (DBQ)