The intouchables a film of true humanity

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Argumentative essay about eminem So, I saw it and loved it. Society struggled to see any value in him beyond his money — which is not a value for which anyone wants to be known. College essay get into that will The two are brought together and wonders happen. The Intouchables serves up a tasty abundance of charm, warmth and humanity that makes its popularity in Europe understandable. Ultimately they have a lasting effect on one another. For Driss, he was a criminal who was unable to hold down a job and be a responsible citizen. Basic science essays For Philippe, his physical disability had taken away his ability to full participate in society. Most importantly it is revealing and comforting in its reminder of the essential in life : love. It floored me. These are the small things which help in taking the bigger step.

Despite being uninterested in the job and his lack of professional experience, Driss does well caring for Philippe, even if his methods are unconventional. This film brings in hope; it throws light to the darkness in our existence.

But this movie really helped me to have faith in life and all to a certain extend.

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Characters cannot become more real than this on the silver screen. S : This year a great tragedy happened in my life for which I was mentally down.

A little exploration into the real story also shows basic facts were changed in order to make the movie a better sell, adding more of a hollow feeling to the story as a whole.

The intouchables a film of true humanity

However, the way in which their bond develops on screen is just amazing. From having food to shower to everything he needs someone else's "hands" not out of sympathy but out of compassion and he found it in Driss. It is certainly possible to be offended by the broad, silly aspects of Mr.

The gradual bonding has been kept subtle with small sequences like Driss taking Phillipe to open air around 3am and then offering cigarette.

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And both of the main roles are wonderfully acted by Francois Cluzet and Omar Sy.

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