The johnny cash project

The project has a lot of different aspects that all contribute to creating the incredible experience of The Johnny Cash Project. This is done in site where the users are given a frame and tasked to redraw it how ever they please, adding their love, appreciation, and understanding of the music and legacy of Johnny Cash to the project.

From the project website : The Johnny Cash Project is a global collective art project, and we would love for you to participate. Each individual contribution is needed to make the video move — each frame has significance.

Together, their individual contributions not only serve as a collective homage, but as animation, they spring to life in motion. The use of hand-drawn animation further adds to the sense of personal investment and inclusiveness in the project.

Each participant can identify more deeply with other participants because of the shared collaborative effort, and the shared appreciation of Cash's music. In this fledgling stage of online interactive work, The Johnny Cash Project represents one of the most successful entries in terms of emotional engagement, and relies for its success on the role of crowdsourcing.

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More importantly, however, the use of animation strengthens the inclusiveness of the project. You listen to it in the car.

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The Johnny Cash Project engages deeper emotional valences in part by tapping into the international aura of Johnny Cash as a star and fan hero.

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The Johnny Cash Project