Thesis on stress and coping

Coping with Stress in a Changing World. Rather, such minimizing can be detrimental for the wife who employs it as well as for the whole family.

Coping mechanism

Women employ more of prosocial activities like tending and befriending to reduce their stress. Elisson, L. London: Sage Publication, Inc; Helgeson VS. Substitution involves tension-reducing physical or verbal activities. Higher the stress score, lower the stress tolerance. It is the author's responsibility to bring an infringement action if so desired by the author. As in many other spheres of life, the impact of mental health problems also show a gender differential. Personality, stress tolerance, and wellbeing of women with physical disabilities. Sample The sample consisted of the female spouses whose husbands were suffering from any of the major mental disorders — schizophrenia, major depression and manic phase of bipolar disorder. Unpublished Thesis. If the problem attached to the stressor is decreased, then the female spouses can very well engage in reversal, where they can act lightly on a serious problem. Their hardiness may be an outcome of this insulation effect. Female spouses may be using mapping to selectively gather information regarding the illness, its course, treatment and management.

It could be particularly bad when it involves one's husband and his illness. Contemporary Approaches to Psychological Assessment. Gross R. Women react to stress in an emotional manner, and this heightened emotional arousal may adversely affect their logical thinking and reappraisal skills.

Elisson, L. Help seeking would no doubt help the women spouses to generate alternate solutions just not to the problem at hand but also to the other problems arising from the original ones. As in many other spheres of life, the impact of mental health problems also show a gender differential.

Blona, R.

study of stress and coping mechanism in undergraduate medical students

Assessment of burden experienced by caregivers of patients suffering from schizophrenia. Sociodemographic data like religion, duration of marriage, chronicity of the illness, age, socioeconomic status and employment were collected through a personal information schedule.

Education for coping with environmental stressors

Gender roles. Where the coping style reversal is concerned, substitution may help to resolve any emotional conflict, resentment or bitterness that wives may feel toward their husbands and their illness. The women spouses were married to their respective partners for at least 1 year. All this distress can no doubt negatively affect the wellbeing of women. Coping with Stress in a Changing World. Brown, M. This may give rise to a host of negative feelings from the wife's part, which she would have to mask or suppress because it is at variance with her role and societal expectations. Suppression is positively correlated with the use of blame 0. Journal of Dental Education, 50 9 , Philippines: Medi Marketing, Inc. This study attempts to take a closer look at the coping styles, stress tolerance, and wellbeing of such a population and the interplay of the above variables. Grandea, S. Substitution involves tension-reducing physical or verbal activities.

The relationship between coping styles and burden in the carers of relatives with schizophrenia. Finally, mapping shows a highly significant positive correlation with reversal 0. The McGraw Hills Companies.

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