Us and united nations fight for safe weapons control

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Nor have arms sales provided the United States with enough leverage over the years to prevent client states such as Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Indonesia, and Morocco from invading their neighbors.

As part of the war on drugs, America inadvertently enabled the practice of forced disappearances.

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Saying there was an evident gap between the commitments of international instruments on these weapons and what was practiced, she said the Security Council should ensure that small arms did not end up among those who may use them against international humanitarian and human rights workers.

Research also indicates that military aid can increase the likelihood of a military coup, an outcome even more likely in the case of a fragile state.

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The third major observation is that this lack of discrimination is dangerous. The act made four major changes to the process by which the United States sold weapons to foreign nations. The Evolution of U. History reveals, however, that the benefits of the arms for influence strategy are limited for two main reasons. As a result, the risk of arms sales helping trigger future military intervention is real, even if it cannot be measured precisely. Taiwan is an example of this sort of arms-for-troops substitution. Luxembourg would work alongside its African partners by supporting the African Francophone Network on Small Arms in sharing knowledge on proliferation, he said. He called for the production of a common regulatory framework on conventional weapons which should be universal. Jennifer Erickson, for example, found that recipients of major conventional weapons are 70 percent more likely to engage in internal conflicts than other states. Right of Reply The representative of the Russian Federation, speaking in exercise of the right of reply, thanked the United States for its help with the implementation of their chemical weapon destruction programme. Citing the case of the Solomon Islands a decade ago, she recalled that Australia had led a peace mission to pull the country back from the brink of State failure. Calling on all States to meet their financial obligations to the convening of further conferences, he drew attention to the issue of universalization of the Convention. She called on the Council to support regional initiatives in a true spirit of partnership, saying there was a collective duty to avert and combat the illicit manufacture, trade, circulation and transfer of small arms and light weapons. The excessive accumulation of arms had fuelled insecurity and conflict from Mali to Afghanistan and beyond. First, the range of cases in which arms sales can produce useful leverage is much narrower than is often imagined.

And in fact only two foiled attempts since then — the underwear bomber and the printer-bomb plot — can be ascribed to al Qaeda. President Bill Clinton was the first president to incorporate economic justifications into official policy.

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The representative of Argentina said the General Assembly had acknowledged the dispute over the Malvinas Islands and urged both parties to find a solution.

Weapons trafficking affected far more than the immediate security situation; it was the main cause of people fleeing their homes, and had led to a vast range of human rights violations — killings, rapes, enforced disappearances and torture, among them.

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Risky Business: The Role of Arms Sales in U.S. Foreign Policy