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What about events that don't really "fit" into the U. Or maybe you end class with something about it.

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Sometimes you have a few of those students who are SO interested in current events that there is the risk they will dominate the class. By helping students understand the constitutional issue you can keep yourself out of hot water.

So set guidelines about the discussion.

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It is more difficult to make the connection. Compare current events to past ones when appropriate e. Many students do not want any sort of attention paid to the fact that they might be from somewhere else. So think about current events and ask yourself, is this issue relevant to what I am teaching today? Events close to home Sometimes an issue comes up in your town, or nearby. There are times when it is impossible to ignore the news: September 11, as an obvious example. We were in the midst of Reconstruction and Andrew Johnson's impeachment, so it was wonderfully relevant. Or, if the test on World War II is coming up and you need to finish something, you could shift the discussion to the last 10 minutes of the period. Remind students not to leap to conclusions. I was also teaching high school when the shooting occurred at Columbine High School in Colorado.

But if it is September and you are deep in the American Revolution, well How Much Time to Allow? Or your student might not even know about it.

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U.S. History Ideas for Teachers