Uses of internet

For this purpose, 1 first made some questionnaire for on education sector and guardians on internet use.

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Many other intriguing possibilities were raised. But all are not conscious about internet.

Uses of internet in education

Be it your friends, family or your business associates — everyone is just a click away now that we have internet to our rescue. They can prepare for these exams from the comfort from their home rather than relocating to a different place or giving up on their dreams. Do you play tennis? To address the issues with zero-rating, an alternative model has emerged in the concept of 'equal rating' and is being tested in experiments by Mozilla and Orange in Africa. Here are essays of varying lengths to help you with the topic in your exam. This use of the internet is not only beneficial for others who are getting the solution but also for the people who give the answer. It has changed the way we live and carry out various tasks.

So, they can suggest what is helpful for kids to do on the internet. Intranet Rather than viewed as competition to the Internet, an Intranet can be viewed quite simply as a private internal company Internet.

Emails, chats and web calls are the new means of communication.

uses of internet in daily life

To achieve comparatively fare result from- the collected data, I have classified the respondent in two groups, like young and Guardians. There are several job portals wherein you can post your resume so that it can be found by numerous employers.

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Using the Internet positively means we can decide what is important for the day. I have prepared a questionnaire for the respective. You get it all on the internet. Internet is also a great source of entertainment. Click on a star to rate it! A system embedded with the IoT tends to include devices such as fitness bands for heart monitoring or smart home appliances. We are hungry to use the Internet.

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Uses of internet in our daily life