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The angel appears high in the sky, still watching over the man, who does not see the angel. His interest in the barren rocks of the Earth [that surround him] is gone, replaced by the joy of learning that his Guardian has been present all along. He has seen death pressing in from every corner, a sharp, angular world full of nothing but stabbing, rushing madness.

It is only when he has reached the point of no return and ultimate danger that man finds it within himself to admit his own failings. Old Age The hour glass at the front of the vessel has broken off, signifying that the voyager is out of time.

He has sufficiently humbled himself before the God of Nature and His angelic representatives. Cole draws most on feelings of wonder, hope, fear, and awe in the series.

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He casted off his Guardian in preparation for his own domination of his surroundings. Part One: Childhood In the poem which inspired the later series of paintings, Cole explored history through the microcosm of a single individual during the phases of the life cycle.

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In a sense of goals and ideals, these people are blinded by their attachment to their ideals and do not see the path takes steps in order to get there. The fresh grass is gone, replaced by hard and unforgiving rock.

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Voyage of Life: Childhood/Youth/Manhood/Old Age