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The chapter is about reporting descriptive statistics in a quantitative research text. Series two exam had a standard deviation of Top of Page Reporting Descriptive Summary Statistics Means: Always report the mean average value along with a measure of variablility standard deviation s or standard error of the mean.

The main function of descriptive statistics is to summarize large chunks of data into information that is meaningful. Language Learning, 1— This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. When you want to cite several statistics concerning the same topic, it is best to do so in a single section or paragraph.

Your main focus should be on the statistics that will help your reader understand your argument and not ones that are going to mislead them. It is very rare to find a statistic that sounds good in a paper. For example: The mean of Series two exam is Preview Unable to display preview.

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Google Scholar Lowie, W. For two groups, the larger mean may have asterisks centered over the error bar to indicate the relative level of the p-value. How to design and report experiments.

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How To Handle Writing with Descriptive Statistics