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Simple as that. Some writers keep this primal interest in and love for the sounds of language.

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So here are a few accomplished author's daily writing routines , to inspire you to stick with that writing schedule. Perhaps you remember the weather, the quality of the breeze, a half-full ashtray, a scratch on the wooden floor, the moth-eaten sweater you were wearing, the siren in the distance. Bradbury offers similar advice. Help move the reader along by adding some imagination and color to your passages. The way you get to this unconscious place is by writing every day. You might as well start now and get the necessary work done. The thrills? If it's not, throw it out of the window. For us average writers, the best we can hope for is just a squeeze of their wisdom, just a sliver of their massive chunk of intelligence. And if you're Victor Hugo, you probably want to make your personal valet hide all your clothes, forcing you to finish a draft before you're allowed to get dressed again. Writers, on the other hand, work from left to right. Your silence is truly appalling. Start writing, grow still and quiet, press toward that strong emotion and you will discover it anew.

An athlete may run ten thousand miles in order to prepare for one hundred yards. Keep everybody away from it, even the people who are most important to you.

In those early pages and chapters anyone may find bold leaps to nowhere, read the brave beginnings of dropped themes, hear a tone since abandoned, discover blind alleys, track red herrings, and laboriously learn a setting now false.

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Again, I find that looking at films can help. It is the solitude of the author, of writing. Here are ten pieces of writing advice from writers who are good. Start writing, grow still and quiet, press toward that strong emotion and you will discover it anew.

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Fiction Writing Advice from Famous Authors: 20 Pieces of Brilliant Insight